Arrival and delivery times

At times we will be at the mercy of prevailing weather conditions which may prevent us from fulfilling the agreed service by us on the agreed date and time. Please note that especially due to snow and ice, your property(s) may not be accessible due to unpaved and un-gritted roads, or locations on steep / hilly inclines. In these exceptional cases, your move will revert to a “best endeavours only” basis. It will be our intention to minimise any delays where possible. At no time can Chalk & Son be held responsible for any costs that you incur due to inclement weather conditions which prevent us from undertaking the agreed service with us.


All of our services have a minimum charge of two hours with any additional time charged in 30 minute increments. Charges for a 3 man team have a minimum booking period of 3 hours.

Prices are estimated to the best of our ability and based on the information we have been provided. If a job is to over run, the same hourly rates apply to extra hours.

Chalk & Son charges commence when our team first arrive at your first collection address and finish when our team have unloaded your items and we have completed our tasks at the final delivery address.

In an event where one of our vehicles has broken down we will make best endeavours to send a replacement vehicle either from us or a third-party.

Our estimates for jobs are built around the items which need to be moved, If the items are more than what we have been told we reserve the right to refuse the job or increase our charges.

An extra charge of £10.00 will be incurred if travelling through the Congestion charge zone in London.


Parking outside all collection and delivery addresses remains the responsibility of the customer and must be arranged by the customer. Please contact your local council for further advice on how to arrange for parking dispensations.

If no other arrangements are made and our vehicle is to receive any Parking fines whilst carrying out your job, the customer is liable to pay for this


We operate a freight operators liability insurance policy. Policy coverage is up to £15000, subject to an Insurance excess charge of £150.00 per claim. This payable by the customer before any claim can be considered. We will not consider any claim for insurance until the job has been paid in full and your insurance excess contribution has been paid and is considered ‘cleared funds’.

We do not accept any loss or damage to food and drink, furs, jewellery, watches, precious stones, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, money or securities for money ,stamps of all kinds, manuscripts and other documents. Loss or damage caused by or arising from wear, tear, gradual deterioration, mildew. Moth, vermin or any process of cleaning, repairing or restoring. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that items will fit in the new premises.

Cancellation policy

If a cancellation is required within 24 hours of your scheduled move date, you will be liable to pay for one hour of the service and for larger jobs or European moves you will be charged the amount of deposit paid. If you cancel or postpone your removal service more than 24 hours before the service is to be delivered you do not have to pay any charges. We reserve the right to change dates and times.